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With LivingSocial, you know customers are paying attention.

Emmilou Sydney

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Why partner with us

LivingSocial is the easy way for local businesses to reach a new audience and create loyal customers. As a strategic marketing partner, we create online promotions that deliver real-world results with no upfront cost!

Grow your business

We offer an all-in-one marketing solution, complete with tools, data and a support team to help you find and retain new customers and help you reach your business goals.

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Grow your group of loyal customers

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Find more customers

greater exposure With multiple channels to reach your targeted audience, we offer you the broadest reach at a national and local level. We can make sure that you’re not just finding more customers; you’re finding the right ones.

We can target your promotion to a specific market, which means all the attention is on you! Our targeted emails combined with a feature position on our website and our incentivised social sharing means your brand gets a level of exposure you can’t find anywhere else.

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  1. LivingSocial proprietary customer data

Book more revenue

There are no upfront costs associated with running a promotion. Plus, you’ll receive a payment on pre-paid vouchers soon after your promotion, which means you’ll have money in your pocket before some of the customers even walk in your door.

past successful deals

  • Pizza Hut Australia

    163,096 vouchers sold

    $326,192 gross revenue

  • Weight Watchers Australia

    1,339 vouchers sold

    $64,239 gross revenue

  • Le Kiosk Manly Sydney

    1,488 vouchers sold

    $132,320 gross revenue